• Cover Sheet Coil Production

    Indian Hub for Coil Production

    We have ramped up our new coil manufacturing hub in India (Bangalore) with great success. Serving the most demanding customers including global OEM’s with more then 150.000 coils per year!…

  • Cover of Flyer "coated materials"

    Coated Materials Selector Guide

    Von Roll offers a great variety of insulation materials for the electrical and electronic markets to create the most reliable machines. For every application there is an ideal set of materials that form a fully compatible system. We also supply…

  • Cover of Flyer "casting, potting, encapsulating systems"

    Casting, Potting, Encapsulation Systems

    Polyurethane systems improve overall productivity. Potting and casting can be quickly achieved thanks to fast hardening at room temperature. This is a noticeable advantage over traditional materials such as silicones and epoxies.

  • Deckblatt Broschure Battery Solutions

    Battery Solutions

    For high-volume productions, a combination of venting cap protection and bottom part fixation potting can be a very effective solution because there is no need for additional products like gap-fillers, gap-pads, structural adhesives, or mechanical fixation.

  • Cover of Flyer "products for e-mobility and automotive industry"

    Products and solutions for the E-Mobility and Automotive Industry

    As one of the oldest industrial companies in Switzerland, founded in 1803, we focus on products and systems for power generation, transmission and distribution, rotating machines and mechanical engineering.

  • Cover of Flyer "products for aerospace"

    Products for Aerospace

    For years, Von Roll products are approved and flying. Customers value our service, machining precision and quality. Composites can replace aluminium parts in many places in aircraft interiors, with their lighter weight, not sacrificing mechanical strength.

  • JEC Deckblatt

    Core Filler — JEC Composites Magazine

    Article regarding the Von Roll Core Filler in JEC Composites Magazine March/ April 2020…

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