• Deckblatt Antikorruptionsrichtlinie

    Anticorruption Directive Von Roll Group

    The following internal company regulations always claim validity. The threshold values set out in this Directive are expressed in EUR. Outside the Eurozone, they must be converted into the respective national currency according to local purchasing power.

  • Verhaltenskodex Lieferanten Deckblatt

    Code of Conduct for suppliers of the Von Roll Group

    This Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements placed on Von Roll’s suppliers of goods and services concerning their responsibilities towards their stakeholders and the environment.

  • Verhaltenskodex Mitarbeitende Deckblatt

    Code of Conduct for employees of the Von Roll Group

    Von Roll Holding AG and its affiliated companies ("Von Roll Group") strive for sustainable profitable growth for the benefit of its customers, shareholders and employees. The Von Roll Group sees its good reputation and integrity as important competitive advantages.