• Cover of flyer "Insulating systems for diesel generator sets"


    Diesel generator sets, also known as gensets, are available in small portable sizes for private use up to enormous industrial plants, which are up to 10 meters long and weigh over 30 tons. The insulation system of a diesel generator…

  • Cover of Flyer "Insulating Systems for high-voltage- rotating systems"

    Industrial drives

    Von Roll is committed to creating added value for its customers with the insulating materials and processes used in state-of-the-art electrical high-voltage motors as well as small generators with similar design. We offer the solutions you need for higher performance…

  • Cover of Flyer "Insulating Systems for traction motors"

    High-speed trains

    Von Roll continues to be actively involved in helping manufacturers to reduce costs and to meet the continuing demand for increased efficiency and power-to-weight ratio of traction motors. As the original material manufacturer for your particular insulation system, we have…

  • Cover of Flyer "Insulating Systems for Wind Turbine Generators"

    Wind power generators

    The insulation system of a wind turbine generator is a critical component for reliable and long-lasting operation. The insulating system and materials used for these machines are basically the same as for conventional generators and must be carefully selected in…

  • Cover of Flyer "Insulating Systems for large Generators"


    Demand for higher performance and reliability together with higher productivity in turbo and hydro generators is continuously increasing. Electricity producers are faced with new challenges, mostly imposed by the demand for energy efficiency in power distribution grids, that strongly influence…

  • Cover of Flyer "Insulating Systems for rotating machinery motors"

    Insulating systems for rotating machinery, motors and generators

    Von Roll offers a great variety of insulation materials for low-voltage motors and generators: fl exible laminates, resins, tapes and other structural materials. All these have been developed to create the most reliable machines.

  • Cover of Flyer "Insulating Systems for the electronics industry"

    Products and systems for the electronics industry

    We offer you global in-depth know-how and are happy to support you in fulfilling your needs. In doing so, we tailor our products to your specific requirements to achieve the results you are looking for. We develop our customized solutions…